Meet Rose Starling...

Rose Starling - Artist Rose has been painting since 1974. She began tole painting classes in Washington State. In the early 80's she took her first landscape class and knew that was the direction she wanted to take her paintings. Most of her painting skills were self-taught and learned from Dorothy Dent Books as she had no instructors where she lived.

In 2002, Rose realized one of her dreams and that was to take classes from Dorothy Dent. In 2005, she became a Dorothy Dent Certified Instructor.

Rose loves to paint landscapes, wildlife, old buildings, trains, southwestern and western themed paintings. She paints on canvas, sawblades or "anything else that doesn't move too fast!" Rose dabbles in watercolor, pen & ink, oil roughing and acrylics, but her passion has always been oils.

Rose has taught for over 30 years. She loves to see students "bloom". They start seeing the world through different eyes and realize there is more to a tree than just bark and leaves, more than blue, green and brown.

Rose started teaching at the Creative Painting Convention in Las Vegas in 2007. She also has a booth on the trade floor where she sells her painting packets, supplies and books.

Her first book "Rocky Mountain Memories" was published in 2015. She has designed many painting packets. The packets include color photos and complete detailed step-by-step instructions with color swatches beside each color mix. "When I started developing packets, I tried to put things that I was looking for when I was learning to paint. Without a teacher around, the instructions are so important... like which brush to use, how to hold the brush, what to do with the brush, the consistency of the paint, other tips and techniques that are used."

Rose does various arts & crafts shows each year and has her work for sale at Willow Creek Gifts in Colorado City, CO and on this web site. She teaches 2 classes weekly in Pueblo, Colorado. Tuesday at the Pueblo Art Guild and Wednesday's at Hobby Lobby. Rose also teaches one weekend every other month in the Denver, CO area and does travel teaching to different parts of the country. For a list of her shows and classes click this link.

Rose paints many Custom Orders using the customers painting surfaces such as cross-cuts, cream cans, coal buckets, etc. and/or their photos. Call or email her for more information.